Ready to launch off of Poo Poo Point. (at Poo Poo Point)

Made it to the top of another mountain #🗻 (at Mt. Si)

@leahganis holding court with the cats of San Juan. (at Old San Juan, San Juan, PR)

It was 100% like this everywhere. (at Palomino Island)

View from our very privileged room. #resortlife (at Waldorf Astoria Resort, Puerto Rico)

Top of the cloud forest (at El Yunque National Forest)

☔️ (at Ave. Isla Verde)

Not at all a creepy hallway. #nofilter #ithinktheylikeblue

View from our first hotel room. #puertorico (at San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel)

Learning a book. (at The Seattle Public Library)